RMX-240 2.4m Rigid Deck Roller Mower

At 2.54m wide the Wessex ProLine RMX-240 is the widest fixed deck roller mower you can transport safely on UK roads. Perfect for contractors and councils looking to travel between mowing jobs without incurring costs of a folding wing model, yet still offering a 2.4m cut width, the RMX-240 is our most popular roller mower.

RMX-240 2.4m Rigid Deck Roller Mower

Mit einer Schnittbreite von 2,40 m ist der RMX-240 der breiteste Walzenmäher, der hinter einem Traktor auf öffentlichen Straßen transportiert werden kann. Ein Gerät, das besonders von kommunalen Diensten geschätzt wird.

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When only the best will do

When you purchase a Wessex product, you invest in over 55 years of innovation, manufacturing excellence and a commitment to progress that underpins the care for our customers, suppliers and employees. Since 1962 the Wessex name has been synonymous with superb quality, British built machines for the agricultural and groundcare markets. Our equipment is built for demanding applications, where reliability and durability are paramount.

Features & Benefits


  • Schnittbreite – 2,4 m
  • Gesamtbreite – 2,53 m
  • Gewicht ca. – 640 kg
  • Schnitthöhe – 10-100 mm
  • Anz. der Rotoren – 4
  • Erforderliche PS-Leistung – 40 PS
  • Arbeitsleistung (bei ca. 19 km/h) – 4 ha/Std.


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